Fun Works had been working with the Central Valley schools for over 17 years. Our customized, interactive approach has been a huge success. Fun Works continues to be in demand and our list of schools we service is growing!

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A sampling of schools events we offer:


            *Character Counts 

            *Red Ribbon  

            *Testing Preparation

            *Themed Assemblies



            *End of Year Rallies

            *After School Programs

            *Jog A Thons

            *School Carnivals

            *Family Fun Nights

            *Movie Nights


“Students look forward to having Karen Gaines and Fun Works assemblies every year! In fact, we have her for various events such as Red Ribbon Week, celebrating our API scores, CST kick-off and our end-of-the-school year celebration. It’s amazing how Karen can get and keep the attention of 465 students! We love Karen, her enthusiasm and her love of our students. She is a main part of our [school] family.”

Administrator K-6

                                               Blue Ribbon School


“Fun Works is AMAZING! Karen is gifted at motivating each child: the timid one who is trying to hide, to the one jumping out of their seat to participate. Our Kids adore every minute she shares with them and wait with eager anticipation for her return. It is one expense we will make sure to budget in every year and worth every penny.

Fun Works is priceless!”

Specialty Teacher

K-8 School

“Fun Works is so incredibly successful because its mission is about one thing: KIDS!

Thank you, Karen, for making a difference in the lives of so many.”

Retired Teacher

K-8 School